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Eat Lean

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“Eat Lean, Get Clean”! – A 21 day natural detox program to improve your overall health and wellness.

If you want to learn how to detox your body in a natural way, bookmark this page!  We offer a very comprehensive “Eat Lean, Get Clean” body detox program, making sure you get all the information and guidance you need to be successful.  Sign-up and follow this detox program by going step-by-step through the different modules and sessions.  You will learn everything you need to know about detox diets, juice fasting, colon health, liver detoxing, foods to eat and much more.  Ready to get started?

Getting Started

Now that you have a better understanding around the WHY and WHAT of a detox, lets dive deeper into the HOW.  Meaning, what foods to select and which ones you should avoid.

What to Eat?

Lets make it real!  In this module we will provide you with all the meal plans, recipes and grocery lists for your “Eat Lean, Get Clean” 21 day detox.  We will also show you how to create your own meal plans from all the recipes that are available.  We have defined everything for the fist 21 days, because this is the time it takes for most people to start to see results.  We hope that you like the recipes and will make them part of your daily eating routine and create your own healthy meal plans to continue beyond the first 21 days.  No need to stop, make it a lifestyle change!

Tips & Tricks

Congratulations!  You have finished the 21 day detox and we hope you feel great.  Improving your healthy lifestyle will never stop, we still learn new things ourselves.  Below you will find some additional healthy lifestyle tips & trick that you can incorporate.

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