What Makes a Detox Right for Me?

Who should detoxify and why? Detoxification is an ancient procedure, still practiced “regularly” in many parts of the world.  It has its roots in the several thousand years old practice of Yoga.  The spiritual practice began as a means to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit of unwanted contaminants, i.e.: toxins. The [...]

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Course Setup, “The Yellow Brick Road” to Health

. . ."There were several roads near by, but it did not take Dorothy long to find the one paved with yellow bricks. Within a short time she was walking briskly toward the Emerald City; her silver shoes tinkling merrily on the hard, yellow road-bed." . . . We all need some direction from time-to-time and we hope that this "Eat Lean, Get Clean" detox program will provide you the path to a better health.

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Detoxification Explained

Body systems involved in the detoxification process. The diagram below depicts the main body systems involved in the detoxification process.  The liver takes center stage in this process.  It is the principal player, along with support from the lungs, blood, colon, lymph, skin, kidneys, and gallbladder.  Even though these may be the [...]

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