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ow successful do you think remote Health Coaching Programs can be?

For years I would travel the country as a consultant to visit my clients.  This was how everyone else worked and it was considered the most effective way to close a deal.  I still believe that meeting someone in person is very effective but I have also come to a different conclusion.  With all the technologies available these days, there are so many solutions we can pick from that will make remote meetings or remote health coaching programs just as effective.

For my coaching business, I have been implementing different technologies to take the interaction we have beyond the regular phone call.

What are these different technologies?

It all starts with scheduling your initial meeting.  We can go back and forward with eMail to agree on a particular date and time, or I can leave it up to you.  Just select your preferred date and time by looking at my availability on my calendar.  I have implemented Acuity Scheduling and made it available on my website, eMail trailer and any other correspondence I have with my clients.

While you are browsing my website you might have questions about any of my programs.  I could just let you contact me by using the address information that is available at the bottom of each webpage.  But would it not be easier if you could just click a “chat button” and get connected to me real-time?  For this reason I implemented Intercom Acquire.  Intercom Acquire will allow us to have a live conversation and your questions will be answered.  If I am not online, you can leave your eMail and I will contact you as soon as I return.

During our coaching sessions I like to educate and share information.  I can send you the materials in advance and have a conversation where I answer all of your questions.  What I consider more effective, is having the ability to see each other (web conferencing) and share my screen.  Zoom provides one of the best video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing experiences I have seen.  In addition it is easy to get a meeting scheduled and navigate through the different features.  Did I mention that it is available on any device so no need to be behind your computer.


Zoom does not require a lot of technical knowledge or training.  What I really like is the fact that you can record the session.  Multiple people can record after the host has provided them with the permission.  This is where online meetings have a big advantage compared to face-to-face meetings because there is no need to make notes anymore, just replay the recording and focus on our discussion.

So what happens in between meetings?

I meet bi-weekly with my clients that are signed-up for any of my monthly programs.  In between the sessions, I am available via eMail to answer any questions you might have.  The problem is the two week window and lag of interaction in between, but I have found a solution!  In the beginning, I befriended my clients if we both had the same fitness wearable.  Not having the same device or if you did not have any wearables or mobile app to track your fitness progress, we would be out of luck.  The solution to this problem is Nudge

Nudge App images

What is Nudge?

Nudge is an application that you can download to your smartphone or tablet.  You can integrate Nudge with any of the health and fitness wearables that you are currently using.  So no need to change the health tracking device that fits your lifestyle and goals.  The Nudge app will also make it easier to create a deeper connection based on great data points and this will optimize the health coaching experience.

Nudge integrates seamlessly with the most popular health and fitness wearables and applications.   The data collected provides us with a simple way to track habits and activity.  At the same time I will be able to provide you timely, targeted messages, delivered directly to your smart phone.  No need to wait for your next session to get the actionable feedback you need!

Even with the ability to integrate most devices into Nudge, the question that gets asked a lot is “which wearable is the best”.  It is a difficult question to answer because it is very trend based and the technology keeps improving.  The best way to answer this question, is for you to provide the answer to the below four questions:

  1. What device would you wear?  The best wearable is the one that you will actually use and wear.  Some people do not like to give up their current watch or wear any of the devices.  To get used to tracking your steps, you can always download one of the 40,000 health and fitness app’s that are available.  Several of the app’s will actually track your movement if you have your phone in your pocket.
  2. Ask yourself what activity will you be doing most.  Does the device need to be water proof?  Is biking your main sport?  Would you benefit from having a device with GPS capabilities?
  3. What are your health goals?  Some people just want to focus on nutrition.  While I do not like to count calories, it is a great idea to monitor your fruit and vegetable intake especially because most people barely get enough.
  4. How much money do you want to spend?  Most devices are around $150.  There are cheaper ones if you just want to monitor your step count (pedometer) but you can also make it as expensive as you would like!
Nudge Coach

Besides the three measures below (Activity, Hydration and Sleep), I can also measure Nutrition and any other “tracker” we define based on your goals and priorities.

As you can tell there is a lot of data but you do not have to worry about security.  All our communication is encrypted for both Nudge and Zoom.  In addition Nudge is a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant environment.

How to get started?

My personalized Health and Wellness Coaching services come in a variety of forms.  All these programs can be done remote or in person.  I currently offer four Health Coaching Programs:

  • 6-month “Complete Wellness Makeover” – my signature program!
  • 3-month “Change Your Relationship with Food”
  • Month-to-month “Getting Started”
  • Health tracking and coaching through Nudge

The Health tracking and coaching through Nudge includes the following:

  • Motivation and support through the Nudge app
  • Provide help in area’s you are falling behind (sleep, hydration, nutrition and activity)
  • Simple but informative handouts that will increase your health and wellness knowledge
  • Monthly newsletter with healthy tips
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with valuable resources and where you can ask me questions and collaborate with other like minded people
  • Invitations to lectures and/or webinars

The monthly Health Coaching programs include:

  • All the above Health tracking benefits and more. . .
  • Multiple one-on-one coaching sessions (bi-weekly).  Sessions take place in person, phone or Zoom
  • e-Mail support between sessions
  • Healthy, simple-to-prepare recipes and meal planning recommendations
  • Coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
  • Additional bonuses (depending on chosen program) including guided Grocery Store Tours, De-junk your Kitchen sessions and more
  • Develop personalized Nudge trackers based on your goals and priorities
  • Keep you accountable along the way to ensure you are attaining your personal goals
  • My personal commitment to your health and success

In addition to these Health Coaching programs, I also offer:

  • Corporate wellness services, including corporate presentations and health and wellness challenge programs for employees

Some additional information about Nudge

The below steps will make the Nudge install process as easy as possible:

  1. ___ Go to the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and download “Nudge Health Tracking” application onto your smart phone
  2. ___ Open the app and enter your personal info to create your account.
  3. ___ Respond to the four lifestyle questions to set your baseline Nudge Score.  The Nudge Score is a 30-day snapshot of how healthy you are living.  The Nudge score is a number from 0 to 110.  Meeting minimal recommendations from the CDC and for 30 consecutive days will result in a Nudge score of approximately 50).
  4. ___ Sync any app or wearable tracker you are using by tapping “Synced Apps” on the Profile screen (Sync any and all applications you are using and your data will update automatically in Nudge).
  5. ___ Tap the “Coach” tab at the bottom > and then tap “Enter a Code”.  Enter the Promo Code JVVHEALTH and our accounts will be connected.
  6. ___ You should get an immediate confirmation message from me.  Send me a quick note through the Nudge app to let me know you are ready to go!

After reading all of this, are you interested in giving Health Coaching a try?  The easiest way is to start with Nudge or to schedule a FREE 50 minute Discovery Session with me to explore how I can assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals.

The discovery session also determines what program would be best suited for you.  The discovery session is free because I want you to feel comfortable before you decide to invest your time and money with me.

Looking forward to connect.

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