Apple Curry Walnut Salad
Servings Prep Time
8servings 20minutes
Servings Prep Time
8servings 20minutes
  1. Whisk the vegenaise and curry powder in a bowl until smooth and creamy. Cut the apple, celery, green onions, red bell pepper and crush the walnuts using a ziplock bag.
  2. In a large bowl, add the chickpeas and mash them. No need to mash them all as long as the majority of the peas are mashed.
  3. Toss together the chickpeas, apples, celery, green onions, walnuts, red bell pepper, raisins and season lightly with salt and pepper. Add the vegenaise/curry powder mixture and mix everything well.
  4. Add the juice of about 1/2 lemon and mix everything again.
  5. Serve on a tortilla with some greens (arugula or sprouts), cherrie tomatoes or sliced tomato.
Recipe Notes

You can use vegenaise for this salad but if you have the time and want to put in the effort, you can also make a cashew sour cream and use this vs. the vegenaise.