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Workplace wellness is quite the buzz these days with many businesses.

Your employees are your business.  When given accurate health and wellness information and smart strategies to manage their own body’s nutritional needs, they will become empowered.  Implementing  these learnings will make them feel better,  think better and perform better.

Studies show that healthy employees are more productive, take fewer sick days and add greater value to the company.  Health education can help to prevent many of the chronic diseases that are costing businesses a lot of money these days.

Corporate Wellness Presentations


Take advantage of educating your employees at an age when interventions can still change their long-term health trajectory.

Why educate yourself or work with a Health Coach?

of Americans are overweight or obese
0% (or less)
of doctor visits are spent discussing nutrition
of deaths each year are caused by chronic illnesses
0 in 3
adults worldwide have high blood pressure
(this is 2.3 Trillion) is spent on healthcare, yet only 2% goes towards prevention
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What participants are saying:

“Class was highly educational”
Class Participant
“Learned a lot. I learned about PLU codes and the new proposed labeling standards – great information”
Class Participant
After hearing his lecture on “Deciphering Food Labels,” I knew that John had a unique approach for maintaining good health. During our initial consultation, we talked about defining goals and setting up an action plan. For the next three months, John showed me how to make better food choices with my day-to-day eating habits. The apps I now have on my smart-phone, help me before and during my grocery shopping. I have slowly changed the foods in my pantry, using up the old and integrating the new healthier foods. But a healthy lifestyle does not stop with food. A few other factors to consider, and goals that I personally set, include exercise, work, relationships and nurturing one’s body. And believe it or not, there is an app to track those things too.

I highly recommend John to anyone, at any age, who cares about their overall health.

Susan BSusan B.
“It was a lot of good info & slides were helpful”
Class Participant
“Clear and well presented”
Class Participant

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Let’s start the conversation on what specific topic will work for you, your organization and your employees.  Also check out the different health and wellness challenges I could put together.  Through the challenge we can implement any of the lessons learned from the presentation and make them long lasting healthy habits.

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Sample Classes

Making a TuNo Salad on the Channel 8 Daytime show

Besides doing coaching & health lectures, I also love to show you how to make delicious Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) meals. Telling you to eat healthier is one thing, but actually showing you HOW and have you taste it will make it reality.

The recipes for the TuNo salad can be found on the Daytime TV website and on my website by selecting the following links: TuNo Salad and Cashew Sour Cream.