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Module 4 – What to Eat?

Deciding which foods and beverages will support, nourish, and enhance your detox, can be daunting.  In this module, you will get the goods, on what foods will do just that!  During the 21 days, we will show you creative ways to use these foods and beverages.

After your “Eat Clean, Get Lean” detox program is completed, you will be able to add these meals to your everyday routine.  Some of these foods will help support liver detoxification by enhancing levels of liver enzymes, to deactivate and clear toxic compounds.

Good luck with the 21 days that we will provide you all the details for, and making your own menu plans and shopping lists after that.

Herbs and Spices that Heal

Herbs and spices are a fast way to add tremendous flavor to a dish. What is the difference between an herb and a spice, you might ask? In simplest terms, herbs are grown and used for their green parts – the leaves and stalks, while spices are grown for the seeds, roots, bark, buds, flowers, and fruits.

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Fermented Foods

What we eat profoundly affects our gut flora, for good or for ill. Some foods, such as those containing carnitine (meat) or choline (eggs), can select for bacteria that produce pro-inflammatory compounds; whereas others, such as legumes, containing prebiotics (like fiber and resistant starch) can feed our good bacteria and lower our risk of inflammatory disease

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