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Module 1 – Steps to your Healing Journey.

Detoxification is one of the most exciting tools in nature’s medicine toolbox.  Switching to a “cleaner” food program, in a systematic manner, can have a huge impacts in how you look, sleep, eliminate and feel.  These changes can happen in a very short time.  It is a simple, and low cost way to revamp your health!  It can actually be fun and healing on so many different levels.

Through this “Eat Lean, Get Clean” detoxification program, we will examine what happens along your journey of cleansing, and detoxification: what it is, why you need it, what you can expect, how you may feel during, and after, how often to go through a detox, and what steps you should follow after you finish your heath altering detox.

There are five modules in this detox program. Each module contains multiple sessions, much like a book with chapters.  We will guide you through this course in a systematic way.  The modules are designed to build on each other.  So for the best understanding go through them in order.

Course Setup, “The Yellow Brick Road” to Health

. . ."There were several roads near by, but it did not take Dorothy long to find the one paved with yellow bricks. Within a short time she was walking briskly toward the Emerald City; her silver shoes tinkling merrily on the hard, yellow road-bed." . . . We all need some direction from time-to-time and we hope that this "Eat Lean, Get Clean" detox program will provide you the path to a better health.

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