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Your own personal Meal Planner!

Meal Plan Sample
  • (1) Select a recipe you would like to add.  You can do this by grouping the recipes by Alphabet, Course or Cuisine.
  • (2) After you have selected your recipe,  drag-and-drop your selected recipe in the Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner area of your preferred day.
  • (3) When you select your recipe (double click), you can change the serving size or you can delete the recipe from the meal plan.
  • (4) By default the meal plan comes with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner course options.  The “Add Course” button lets you add additional courses (e.g. “Snacks”).
  • After all recipes are selected and updated the way you like,  you can “create your shopping list” (Step 5).  First select the date range and if you would like to use “US Imperial” or “Metric.”  The ingredient list that gets generated can be modified.  You can delete the ingredients you already have, add ingredients, modify them and when all done – hit the print button.

Are You Ready To Make Your Own Meal Plan?

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October 24
Day 6507
October 25
Day 6508
October 26
Day 6509
October 27
Day 6510
October 28
Day 6511
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