What if I feel hungry or want to quit?

It is ok to feel like you want to quit.  Honor that feeling and do not beat yourself up.  Here are a few suggestions for when the going gets tough: Make one of the  smoothies, soups, or juices Try some gentle exercise or breathwork to oxygenate and alkalize your blood Drink some more water [...]

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What about exercise?

We recommend that during the first week of the detox, you keep your exercise routine as gentle as possible.  This is the time for your body to heal and rejuvenate.  Think breathwork, walking, gentle yoga and stretching. The next two weeks you can pick up your normal exercise routine or slowly build up your amount [...]

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Can I just do 7 or 14 days?

Absolutely.  The program is designed for 21 days to help you develop new healthy habits and see transformations take place, but if you can only do 7 or 14 days then that is better than none!  Each of the shopping lists and recipes are split up into separate weeks so you can start with [...]

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Is this program vegetarian?

Some of the recipes in this program includes a small amount of wild-caught fish, organic free-range chicken and eggs.  We believe in eating quality, sustainable foods to nourish our bodies.  However, for vegans the meals that include animal products can easily be replaced with other recipes.  The majority of our recipes are free of any [...]

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Why are particular foods omitted from the meal plan?

Cow Dairy, eggs, peanuts, shellfish, soy, wheat (gluten), corn, citrus, are major offending foods that cause food allergies or sensitivities in several people.  Pork, red meat, sugar, refined & processed foods, pesticides and food additives are eliminated from the food plan, to lessen the toxins intake and to give the body a rest while detoxing. [...]

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How long do I need to be on the detoxification program?

It all depends on your health goals.  Clients usually experience a benefit within a 21-day period of following the "Eat Lean, Get Clean" program.  At the end of the 21-day process, you can decide either to continue the program or to move into a more modified version, using the different recipes provided in this program.  Many [...]

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Can I follow the detoxification program if I am hypoglycemic or diabetic?

This is a decision to be made along with a discussion and guidance of your doctor and nutritionist.  You must have your doctor’s ok to go on the detoxification/cleanse program. It is important to realize that as these natural detoxifying techniques begin to take effect, insulin requirements and drug dosages will/may have to be [...]

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