Why are particular foods omitted from the meal plan?

Cow Dairy, eggs, peanuts, shellfish, soy, wheat (gluten), corn, citrus, are major offending foods that cause food allergies or sensitivities in several people.  Pork, red meat, sugar, refined & processed foods, pesticides and food additives are eliminated from the food plan, to lessen the toxins intake and to give the body a rest while detoxing.  Minimizing/eliminating the intake of toxins will allow for stored toxins to be released and eliminated.

Additionally, everyone’s body is different.  We all process foods differently and we have different tolerances to individual ingredients.  You are completely unique and we need to respect that.  If there is something that does not sound good or you know it’ is an ingredient that you do not tolerate very well, please do not include it.  You have not failed by listening to your body.  In fact, that is a huge success!

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