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Delicious and Healthy Meals.

Eating healthy and detoxifying your body has never been easier with these healthy recipes and corresponding grocery lists.

Planning healthy meals can be a hassle. Leave the planning up to us and you can save time and money each week!

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Check what we have been cooking lately. You can also find these recipes and many more under Recipe Search” and they are also part of the Meal Planner”. Below you will find the¬†latest postings.

Veggie Loaf

This hearty vegan veggie loaf or "meatloaf" is made from a base of lentils and rice, baked up to perfection and topped with a flavorful BBQ glaze. Serve with sides such as mashed potatoes, carrots, greens or eat it just by itself. It is not quite a classic meatloaf. I think it is even better ūüôā


Tiramisu is a popular coffee-flavoured italian cuisine but how do you make a Whole Food Plant Based / Vegan version? Normally you would use a whipped mixture of eggs, mascarpone cheese and lots of sugar in both the ladyfingers and the whipped mixture. For this vegan tiramisu we will use almond flower, coffee flavored layers and a creamy cashew vanilla mixture.

No Time to Cook?

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A Sustainable Way to Healthy Eating.

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