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I know what it is like

I have had my fair share of fad diets and I was 50 pounds heavier compared to where I am today.

I have battled with my own weight over the years.  In fact, I was 50 pounds overweight and ate junk/processed food almost every day.  Anything that was sweet, salty or out of a vending machine went into my mouth.  I did not exercise because I simply did not have the energy.  Like you, I knew I wanted to get healthier, and lose a bit of weight, but I just did not know how.  Each diet I went on, only worked for a little while and in the end I regained it all back (plus some!).

I still have some of my own personal health and wellness goals but I have reached most of them.  To get there takes time and it does take motivation.  Which is where I can help, in fact, I WANT TO HELP!

On this page you will find more details about my 3-Month program, go through it and sign-up for my FREE Discovery Session.

Change your relationship with food

The below benefits are included in the “Nudge Coach” program but are also part of the 3-Month “Change Your Relationship with Food” program.

  • Motivation and support through the Nudge app
  • Provide help in area’s you are falling behind (sleep, hydration, nutrition and activity)
  • Simple but informative handouts that will increase your health and wellness knowledge
  • Monthly newsletter with healthy tips
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with valuable resources and where you can ask me questions and collaborate with other like minded people
  • Invitations to lectures and/or webinars

In addition you will receive:

  • All the Health Tracking benefits and more. . .
  • Multiple one-on-one coaching sessions (bi-weekly). Sessions will take place in person, phone or Zoom (web conferencing)
  • e-Mail support between sessions
  • Healthy, simple-to-prepare recipes and meal planning recommendations
  • Coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
  • Additional bonuses including guided Grocery Store Tours, De-junk your Kitchen sessions and more
  • Develop Nudge trackers based on personal goals and priorities
  • Keep you accountable along the way to ensure you are attaining your personal goals
  • My personal commitment to your health and success


My programs are different compared to anything you have done before: NO diets and NO deprivation.

These are the Next Steps to select the program that fits your needs

Health Coaching Next Steps

What my clients are saying:

Now that I have been on this incredible journey for a little over a year I would say I love the fact that I lost 20 pounds without counting calories or depriving myself but more than anything I love feeling healthy and energetic! I do not feel like I am walking a tight wire anymore – No fear of falling off the wagon!
April ImageApril V.
Dave and I enjoyed all the sessions of information and food suggestions as well as tips on what foods to shop for and where. John has a vast knowledge of healthy eating and much to share.
Astrid EDave & Astrid E.

How does my One-on-One Health Coaching program work?

Together we will connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be.  Create your personal blueprint and decipher your body’s unique needs.  We will set your personal goals and work towards sustainable change.

To accomplish all of this and more we will most likely use several if not all of the below sessions, have a look and get excited.

1.  Goal Setting Supercharged

  • How to get crystal clear on your goals
  • Aligning your goals with your life priorities
  • How to put yourself towards the top of the list
  • Figuring out your WHY (written exercise)
  • Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Framed) short-term and long-term goals

2.  Deciphering Food Labels Made Easy 

  • How processed foods can sabotage your weight loss efforts (even when you are counting calories)
  • The top controversial food additives
  • Tips to make label reading easier
  • How to start with simple changes

3.  Menu-Planning For Success

  • How planning ahead can help you eat healthier and lose weight
  • How to save time, money, calories and stress
  • Quick prep and cooking tips
  • Planning for busy weeks

4.  Why Diets Do not Work

  • Why one diet does not work for everyone
  • What to focus on ADDING IN and CROWDING OUT  instead of restricting
  • The myths we have been falling for and why your yo-yo diet history is not your fault
  • Simple things you can start with right away

5.  Portion Control and Mindful Eating

  • Discover eight ways to get a better handle on portion control without feeling deprived
  • Learn what mindful eating is and how it can help with weight loss and overall health
  • Mindless eating triggers and solutions

6. Fueling Your Body For Great Results 

  • Why what we eat really matters
  • How food effects how we look, feel and age
  • Focus on thriving, not depriving
  • The basics of protein, carbs and fat and why each is important
  • Food journaling

In addition there are several BONUS materials to dig deeper into any of the sessions and help you accomplish your goals.  Looking for more?  Check out my 6-Month Complete Wellness Makeover.

Bonus Materials for Monthly Programs

After reading all this information, are you ready for your FREE Discover Session?